In other news

Merlin be creepin in every episode

jamba juice makes everything better

no fucks were givin today 

hi guys c: hope you all had a good day

that awkward moment when you put information that was in the Jeffersonian era in the Washington era. oops

im so done omg

im so done omg

just takin selfies for school c;

just takin selfies for school c;

  1. Camera: Samsung SCH-U380
  2. Aperture: f/1
  3. Exposure: 1/1095th
  4. Focal Length: 1mm

im on omegle instead of doing a project. fuck lol


sitting here eating ice cream because stressed and stressed backwards is desserts. so fuck it 

when i get my own place im going to make grilled cheeses at 1 in the morning.

oh i forgot to tell you guys. lol so nick (the one in my english class) was passing out papers and he didnt know who my friend samantha was or atleast didnt know her name and hes like elizabeth! guide me i dont know anyone. lol it was cute and that was when i was like literaly about to cry because of 1 period so he brightend my day up a little. lol then he asked a kid on the other side of the class who kelsey (a girl who sits next to me) was and then he did a little cute weird laugh lol it was funny. :P so yea that was my english class funness aha

i like this pic tbh. dats hazi-daisy btw

that awkward moment when you see your biology teacher fishing in the pool.